Photo by Andie DeRoux

Christine Anne began her circus journey training in sideshow arts in New Orleans .  Those skills were carefully tucked away once she began a love affair with circus training in Seattle, WA. She currently resides in Chicago, Il while attending the Aloft's Full Time training program focusing on static trapeze with a minor in tightwire.  She jumped on the chance to study trapeze and clown under Amanda Crockett while in Chicago, who had been a great inspiration to her. Christine's first aerial love was lyra which she is proficiently versed in as well as rope, and partnering on trapeze and lyra. 


Christine Anne stitches together quintessential quirk and elegance as she weaves modern tales around audiences. Whether in solo or ensemble work, she inevitably evokes sepia toned smiles. from audiences.  She is fueled by what you can create in groups versus alone, momentary escapes from reality, and the wild unknown.


She was a founding member of Versatile Arts Repertory Company and remains a reoccurring cast member in both Seattle's Morbid Curiousitease and New Orlean's Freaksheaux to Geaux. She has performed in Circus of Dreams, under the direction of Liza Rose, Lara Paxton, and Jill Marissa in long form works.  




2010 - present
2010 - present